Bobbing For Apples

me on the right : ) 



With my first frequency graph you can tell that 8B had a higher # of students getting apples in the least amount of time compared to class A. For example the chart shows that there is a higher bar for 8B on the lower variable. With my second chart it clearly shows the # of duels won with the amount of apples for example 8A only won 12 duels and 8B won 28.

The inferences that I can make from the data is the 8B totally kicked butt!!. Not only did they have the fastest time to get their first apple but they also had more apples out of the bucket in total.The 8A class had no chance in beating the 8B class.

The winner is obviously grade 8B because just by reading the results off the start you can see who won with the least amount of time to get their first apple. With the most apples at the end. Based on the graphs and charts I made it clearly states that 8B won. The average time for 8A to get their first apple was 33.86 and for 8B it was only 17.71 so it’s slower in comparison. Thats almost half of their time.

P.S. 8A if you’re reading this, face it we totally BEAT YOU!.








The Hive is back!

Hi my name is Dylan and I am part of the Idea Hive class. The Idea Hive is 2 classrooms one  in Snow lake Manitoba and one in Wingham Ontario. That is over 2700 thousand kilometres away, that’s one big classroom. So this year we are doing projects and skype calls with the students of  J.H. Kerr. over google docs. How do you think we will do this year?


Something I have in common with most people from Snow Lake is a pet dog.  Most people from SnowLake have more than one dog. I am guessing they have 2 or more dogs because of hunting. But that is just my guess. There could be lots of other reasons why they have more than one dog. Four of the people I have this in common with is Logan, Magenta, Kassie and Zach.

Something else I have in common with only a few people is our favorite subject in school. That subject is gym. My favorite sport to play in gym is football. Although I like many other sports like baseball,hockey and soccer. The people that share this interest with me are Justin and Wesley.Something that is unique about me is that I am the only one that likes the Detroit Red Wings. I was the only one out of around 60 kids. This was disappointing and made me happy at the same time. I liked that I was unique but I was unhappy that nobody liked my favorite sports team. Would you be happy or upset with this?

The person who I think is most like me is Justin. I believe this because his favorite subject in school is gym, he likes to play hockey, he likes to watch hockey and these things are what I like to do. This is why I think Justin most is most like me. So what do you think this year will hold?